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GET Engaged!

Capacity building event for multipliers

21-24. September 2017
Zánka, Hungary



Get engaged! project is a long-term strategic partnership among 3 organisations across Europe. The project is 23 month long and aims to provide professional support for umbrella organisations working in the youth field. The main aim of the project was to develop innovative and diverse methods and techniques to motivate member organizations for active participation in order to help umbrella organisations to fulfil the aim they were established for. The organisations involved have developed 8 methods. The Toolkit is available HERE.


GET Engaged! Capacity building event aims to train young multipliers to gain skills and competences relevant to implement tools and methods for the development of umbrella or network organisations.

With this capacity building event we would like to share these methods with active members of umbrella organisations and create action plans how to implement the 8 tools in their own organisations.


An international capacity building experience led by professional trainers using non-formal educational methods.

Developed methods to work with:

  • How to create a coordinator network system

  • Resource Map for Youth – how to use our own resources

  • Allumniate me - Create your own Alumni programme

  • Organising networking events

  • Knowledge transfer, a way to develop our leadership

  • Visibility – successful communication techniques

  • Making volunteering attractive

  • Involving different sectors in youth work


We aim to reach people over 18 years old from different countries across Europe, who play an active role in the life of a national youth council, or other network or umbrella organisation.

We aim to have 5 participants from each:

  • Erasmus Students Network
  • PROM
  • NIT
  • other organisations

The participants need to be experienced implementing tools and need to be an active volunteer, a staff member or a board member of the delegating organisation.


The capacity building event will be organised in Zánka, Hungary between 21-24. September 2017. Please note that this event is being organised as part of the Open University of the National Youth Council of Hungary.

Arrival time: 20. September evening or 21. September until 10:00

Departure time: after 16:00 on the 24. September 2014


All accommodation, meals, national travel in Hungary and programme cost are covered by the organisers.

International travel costs are supported with a maximum amount of 100 Euro per participant. In order to receive the reimbursement of your cost you must participate on the 80% of the event. Travel documents must be kept.

Selected participants should not book any travel without further information shared. Infopack is going to be sent upon the selection of the participant. If you are interested, please apply using the online application form.

Deadline for applications: 31. August 2017


For any information please contact Zita Szalai at

We are looking forward to your applications and for you to join us in Hungary for our

Get engaged! Capacity building event.

The event. Is co-finance by the Erasmus+Youth in Action Programme.